The WHETSTON team is specialised in presentations, workshops & leadership training. In fact: that is all we do.






Thimon de Jong

Thimon de Jong founded WHETSTON in January of 2014. He is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, leadership trainer and workshop facilitator. He is known for his entertaining presentations and workshops that are both academic ánd practical. Thimon’s bio & resume can be found on his linkedin page.


Lecyca Curiel

Lecyca's expertise is her own generation: Gen Z. Although she is born in 1998, she has the stage presence and charisma to keep any (large) corporate audience on the edge of their seats.

Lecyca (1998) works as keynote speaker and researcher for WHETSTON / strategic foresight. Lecyca is also a student, currently studying at Erasmus University College. She is an ambassador for non-profit organisation IMC Weekendschool and intern at the Women2Women International Leadership Conference. Lecyca has presented for Whetston all over the world, including presenting to the presidents of Walmart in Silicon Valley, the FRED Leadership Forum in New York, The Hunt Conference in Oslo and Learnfest in Windemere (UK). More on Lecyca here.

Monte Konigs

Monte is our friendly in-house millennial who specialises in the domains of trust, decision-making and new forms of morality. His style is refreshing and honest. He excels in interactivity - exactly what a modern audience needs.

Monte Konigs (1990) is an expert on future human behaviour and societal change. He works as speaker and trainer at WHETSTON / strategic foresight. Monte is a sociologist with a research master in Urban Studies. He has worked as a researcher for Ipsos Market Research and Motivaction. In 2017, he was nominated for Research Talent of the Year in his home country, the Netherlands. Bio & resume here.


Whetston Think Tank

Whetston works with a network of international experts and partner organizations that work on the cutting edge of business strategy and future studies. In physical and virtual knowledge sessions the members of the Whetston Think Tank share their expertise.




Emmanuel Gobillot / leadership expert



Madelijn Strick / psychologist @ Utrecht University



Stefan Hyttfors / futurist




Cosimo Turroturro / speaker expert


Stan Steverink / leadership & HRD expert



Farid Tabarki / zeitgeist explorer



TrendsActive / trend interpetation agency.



Gerd Leonhard / tech futurist