WHETSTON specializes in future human behaviour. What are the future trends, how can we expect people to behave and what does this mean for leadership & business strategy?


WHETSTON is a strategic foresight think tank in which a selection of future thinking thought leaders exchange research, next practices and future strategies.

  To determine the business impact of future human behaviour, Whetston takes an interdisciplinary research approach and combines a variety of academic disciplines. Whetston works with a very diversified network of people, united in the Whetston Think Tank. This network consists of a select group of global specialists that work on the cutting edge of change and strategy.   Whetston strongly believes that understanding human behaviour is key to plan for the future. Whetston researches socio-economic and cultural change and provides strategic information on the dynamics of human behaviour in a changing world.

Whetston on stage

WHETSTON specializes in live presentations & workshops. The team spends as much time on the content as on 'the art of public speaking.'

WHETSTON strongly believes that the form of a presentation or workshop determines its impact. Therefor, a lot of time and energy are invested in perfecting this. That means:

  1. the right mix of (academic) research, fresh business cases and entertaining stories.
  2. practical take-aways so the content also lands the next day.
  3. customised content & presentation style based on the conference and company, but also the location, time of day, seniority level of the audience etc.
  4. visually striking slides with hardly any text.
  5. easy interactivity throughout to keep energy levels high.

The three WHETSTON presenters have their own unique personalities, but common traits are: curious, charming & highly social – both on and off stage.    


Contact & Bookings & Office

For all bookings and inquiries, please use the contact form below or contact Thimon de Jong’s agent directly via Speaker’s Associates.


The WHETSTON office can be found @ Springhouse:

De Ruijterkade 128, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.